White Collar Rock

In today’s scenario when we are so stressed and filled with anxiety and angst that every now and then we feel the need for a break, the only thing that relaxes us at any given point of time is our favorite MUSIC which actually at that point of time acts as SOOTHER, healer. Be it […]


6 Excellent Sources for Internet Music

Remember the days CD mixes were the shit, and radio transformed with FM? While vintage gadgets had their place in coolness, they’re hardly compatible in the office, or too distracting while you drive and want some music.


Sunburn Vs Submerge: Goa Turns Into EDM Warzone

The party scape might reach cacophonic levels this December in Goa. Following a rather public fallout with Sunburn organisers, Nikhil Chinapa has announced on social media platforms that he has parted ways with a festival that he had been a part of ever since its conception. His prime focus instead is going to be Submerge, […]